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Expensive, Big building but poor quality
Posted on Thu 4 Sep 2014

My daughter studied there in 2013/2014 session in junior section. But I had to transfer her to differenct school due to the low quality of education comparing to the amount they charge (about 7000 a month, much higher than the goverment fee structure

Also they stole the "security deposit" when I withdrew my daughter from the school. Their strange execuse was, I did not apply for the money during any running session which does not match with their regulation I asked them to give a written explanation for not refunding the security deposit and they said, that is not possible as this is verbal order from the principal and they are just following it. That is the other serious issue I noticed. The whole school is sooooo scared of the prinicipal an noone can take a simple decision without asking the principal.

"The big building" might be only think they can proud of and even they love to call themselves "International" and I would say they are nowhere near "International schoo" regardless whatever they meant by "International school".

They are actually "a wolf in sheep's skin". :(

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