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  Shahinur Rahman H
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 Joined: Jun 19 2012
Posted on Tue 19 Jun 2012

Green View High School,Chapainawabganj is a secondary educational institute along with a primary educational institute. It is located in the heart of Chapainawabganj in Bangladesh. This is one of the most advanced secondary school in the northern part of Bangladesh. This school was established in 1982 as a primary school with a great view. The motto of this school is ‘Enter to learn,leave to serve’. On the 27th January in 1982,in a meeting presided over by the then District Commissioner Md Ataur Rahman Mazudar,it was decided that a primary school should be set up in the town.The name of the school was proposed to be ‘Green View’ by the then district civil engineer Akkash Ali Mollah. Then this school began its activites with 6 teachers and 4 other official staff. There were about 120 students from class nursery to class five. And all the activites were performed in a one storied building including 6 classrooms and a office room. It can be noted that the then district commissioner started the construction of six classrooms of the main building but could not finish the work because of his being transferred. At present there are 18 rooms including an office room,teacher’s room,library room,computer lab etc. The construction work for the extension of the building is still going on. In 2001 this school starts its new journey as a secondary school and it became possible for the cordial efforts of the then district commissioner Md Nurul Hoque. Now there are around a thousand of students in this school. A quality education and service is being imparted to the students by the 15 teachers and the 5 other official staffs. This school has a lovely green premises in front of the school that is used as a play ground. There are some mango trees increasing the beauy of the campus. In 2005 this school participated the SSC examination for the first time and made an excellent result with 100% passing rate. Since then a remarkable number of students have been getting GPA 5 in the SSC examination. But this school is mainly reputed for its primary section. For many years this school has been making an extraordinary result in primary scholarship examination and now in the PSC examination. So there is no doubt about it that Green View is the best school in the town in primary section. Every year a large number of students sit for the admission test and the lucky ones get the chance to study here. In spite of various problems, the school is going on nicely under the skilled management. And that is why every year this school is making remarkable result in PSC,JSC and SSC. The students who have passed the SSC examination from here are now in various renowned universities and medical colleges. This school has an alumni association named ‘Green View High School Ex students association’. Obviously this school is playing an effective role in the educational field. So the formar students feel proud to be an evergreen viewers of Green View High School.

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