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Chakulia Hight School, Savar, Dhaka
Posted on Wed 8 Jan 2014

Hey this school is the High school ever. I graduated from this school long time ago. The staff was very nice and I made some of my best friends there.

This school has its ups and downs. All of my Brother and Sister attended this school and upto the 10th grade they are in good shape.

Its a good school.They are wonderful teachers. Their way of handling kids are different We as parents owe them a lot for boosting our son's confidence and ability. average students in the same class they hardly get a chance to improve more.The authority should think about it.

I just love this school and the teachers that I had. They are the best and most of all the kindest. Just Awesome!

Selim of Chakulia Talbagh
Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Great teachers, that's the most important aspect for me. I wish the office staff was more friendly and competent. Every time I'm at the school, it is calm and welcoming.

Posted June 13, 2010

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my daughter has been going to this school since 2nd grade and this is the school i reccomend to your children too. this is the best elementry school in ny in my opinion.
—Submitted by a parent

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