Frequently Asked Questions - Classifieds

All JantaReview classifieds must meet standards in these categories:
  • Family-friendly Content
    • No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language or other non-family-friendly content.
    • We will remove posts that promote or seek advice on engaging in illegal activities. This includes the purchase or sale of illegal substances (as per the laws of the destination); contributing to the delinquency of a minor; procuring fake IDs; purchase or sale of designer knock-offs, bootleg CDs, DVDs or video games and other black-market items; smuggling items through customs; and bribery of officials.
    • No graphic reports of violent criminal activity or participation in drug-related activity.

  • Can I post my ad on more than one jantareview site?
    • Please choose just ONE jantareview site for which your ad is most relevant - this should generally be the site closest to where you are located. If your ad is equally relevant to all locations, your ad propably does not belong on local jantareview sites at all.
      Posting the same ad to multiple locations is considered spamming, and is prohibited.

  • How can I edit my posting?
    • You can edit your posting from your account homepage.

  • How can I delete my posting?
    • You can delete your posting from your account homepage.
      Please note, all postings are automatically deleted upon expiration.

  • Can I post ads on jantareview on behalf of others as a paid posting agent or posting service?
    • No, posting ads acting as a Posting Agent is not allowed.

  • How do I repost my posting?
    • You'll need to submit a new posting. We CAN NOT repost a free listing for you.

  • Where can I advertise my services/business on jantareview?
    • Only in the "services offered" categories please

  • And finally...
    • Jantareview reserves the right to remove a classified at any time for any reason.